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  7. New Website Content

    I've been meaning to work on the website for awhile now and today I dedicated my entire day doing just that. All of this is just the beginning and as we move forward the more robust these features will become. Here are a list of new things for you all to check out: Wiki After a little bit of tweaking I've made a pretty solid internal wiki for us. No more external wiki sites, those are just ugly. Now the content is still a work in progress but we are finally getting somewhere. Enjoy. Issue Tracker There is now a legitimate issue tracker. Now when you go to report a bug you don't have to bother with copying and pasting the old "Bug Report Template". You just "Add a Ticket" and fill out the form fields. Easy peasy. Applications The applications got a similar overhaul as the issue tracker. Instead of using the old "Application Template" like before you fill out yet another simple form. Clubs My favorite addition is the clubs. Now, this wasn't necessarily a new thing but I decided to really start using them. Clubs are a great way for you all to form your own private or public groups and discuss whatever you want in them. I made a handful of team-related ones but you all are free to make whatever you, get creative with them.
  8. Voting

    Voting on Lacuna comes with some great benefits. Not only does it help us reach a bigger crowd it helps you unlock fun features and earn points to use in our Vote Shop. For each vote, your earn a point and for each milestone your reach you unlock a cosmetics on the Lobby server. Here are milestone rewards: 1 - Access to home commands 5 - Access to TPA commands 25 - Access to Moods 50 - Access to Particles 100 - Access to Gadgets 150 - Access to Suits 250 - Access to Minions 400 - Access to Morphs 600 - Access to Unique Pets 800 - Access to Dj Station
  9. Rules

    Forum Server Discord
  10. General

    In AcidIsland you and your pet pig have found yourself marooned on an island in the middle of a sea of acid. The goal is to use the few resources you find in the chest to expand and upgrade your island. To get started using the /is command and you can begin going through the challenges found with the /ch command. Good luck! Greenhouses Greenhouses enable players to build biomes with the weather control, friendly mob spawns, unique plant growth, and block conversion/erosion. All greenhouses are made of glass and must contain the blocks found in the biome recipe. You can view detailed instructions and view each type of biome recipe by using the /gh command. Fishing Fishing is a fun and profitable way to make money and win prizes. When you fish you can catch up to 4 different rarities of fish that include Common, Rare, Exotic, and Mythic. Each fish is also worth money so you can sell them to the Fishmonger at spawn. If you are competitive there is also a fishing contest every 4 hours to see who catches the most fish. The top ten players all get a unique prize just for participating. Duels You can find a PvP arena at spawn if you want to test your skills against another player. You use the /duel command from anywhere to send, accept, or deny a duel request. When a duel starts you get a predetermined kit and be teleport to the arena at spawn. Economy Earning money on AcidIsland is easy. To start there are 3 arenas at spawn that let you mine, farm or kill for resources that you can sell at the Sell All chests. The starter kit also comes with an “Acid Wand” that lets you right click any chests you have with items to automatically sell them. Trading To trade with other players safely and efficiently you should use the trading feature. With it you can trade items, money, experience, and even MyPets if you have the permission. You can get started by using /trade to view all the available commands.
  11. SkyGrid

    SkyGrid is a survival sky world made of random blocks. The goal is to claim an area to call home and not fall to your death a million times while completing a list of challenges. To get started use the /asg command. To see the list of challenges use the /asgc command. To create a public warp point to your base place a sign with [Welcome] on the first line. Protection On your first join, you can automatically claim an area by placing your first chest. To claim more just use a golden shovel. You can earn more claim blocks just by increasing your play time. To learn more about claiming land you can read the “How To Claim Land” book by using the /cb command. Slimefun With Slimefun you can trade in levels to unlock custom recipes to things like jetpacks and machines. If you don’t already have the Slimefun Guide then use the /sf guide command to view it. We recommend starting off by building an Enhanced Crafting Table found under the machines category. Fruit On your journey, you might come across exotic trees that yield fruit. These fruits can be eaten or even used to make different types of juices and smoothies. If you are unlucky and can’t find any then you can break talk grass for a chance to obtain the saplings for these trees and plant them. Tinkertools TinkerTools are special tools which gain exp from being used and ultimately can be leveled up in order to gain modifiers. Gain tool experience just by using your tool. Level up to gain random modifiers. Add modifiers manually with a Tinker Table Current tool types: Sword, Bow, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade Sorter If you don’t like spending time sorting your chests then try the sorter. This works by placing chests to register them and using the /deposit command to automatically transport all your loot to the appropriate chests. To learn more about sorting and its benefits just use the /sorter command.
  12. General

    In Prison, the main goal is to be free again and you do that by ranking up. When you are not ranking up you can spend your time building in the plot world, fighting other players in the PVP arena or helping other players fight waves of monsters in the mob arena. Ranks There are 29 ranks in total. You earn you first rank, Unranked, just by joining and your last rank, Free, by traversing through ranks A-Z. To rank-up, you need to make money, kill mobs, and increase your play time. To view your rank use the /rankinfo command. Prestige If you make it to free rank and want to unlock some additional perks considering prestiging and starting all over. With each prestige you gain the following perks: Chat Prefix Plot Access Fly Zones Better crates Crate cooldown XP Multiplier SellAll multiplier Silktouch Spawner Special Shop Mines Mining is the fastest way to make money and there are 27 regular mines in total. To gain access to each mine you must reach the rank pertaining to that mine. As you rank up to each mine the ore type and percentage rate increases in value. Cells Description coming soon. Plots If you earn enough money you can purchase an empty plot in the survival plot world with the /plot auto command. You can do almost anything with your plot like build a base and show off how rich are or set up some mob killing farms to earn experience and reach kill requirements. Tokens Tokens are a secondary form of currency that can be earned through mining or voting. You can use tokens to purchase items from the Black Market or to upgrade your gear with effects and enchantments. To vote for tokens just use the /vote command. mcMMO With mcMMO you have 15 skills you are able to level up that will unlock special abilities and loot that help enhance your experience. The skills include Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Excavation, Fishing, Unarmed, Archery, Swords, Axes, Taming, Repair, Acrobatics, Alchemy, Salvage and Smelting. To learn more use /mcstats or the /<skillname> command. Parties If you want to level up your mcMMO skills with a friend there is a party system built in. Within a party, you gain experience amongst everyone in that party whether they are in your Kingdom or not. You also get your own private party chat and can teleport to other party members. Use the /party command to learn more.
  13. General

    In Kingdoms, you are allowed to create or join a Kingdom that lets you protect land and invade other lands for resources. While in a Kingdom you can also trade in items for resource points that can be used to buy upgrades, turrets, and boosts for your Kingdoms nexus block. For more in-depth information user the /k info command. Classes There are a total of 6 classes to choose from that include Arcanist, Bloodrager, Fire Mage, Hunter, Shaman, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Warpriest. Each class comes with its own unique set of skills that can be improved upon by earning stat points. To earn stats points you need to level up by killing mobs to get XP. To learn more use the /skill command. Dungeons More info coming soon. Enchanter If you have enough experience you can use it to purchase tiered custom enchantment books from the Enchanter. There are 5 tier levels of books you have access to that vary in skill and power the higher the tier is. The tiers include Stock, Noble, Heroic, Exotic, and Mythic. Tiered Items There are countless powerful tiered weapons and armor that you can find in the Dungeons or spend your experience on at the Enchanter. Some of those items come with empty slots to apply enchantments, runes, and abilities to make it even more powerful. The tiers include Stock, Noble, Heroic, Exotic, and Mythic. Market There are multiple shops you can find around spawn to help you on your journey. Outfitter offers powerful elemental kits Provisioner sells basic items you need to survive. Locksmiths sell locked chests and traps Enchanter sells tiered items at random Scrapper lets you sell tiered items for cash.
  14. General

    The creative server is a place to chill and be creative. As long as it's not vulgar and intrusive you can literally build whatever you want. The lobby cosmetics are active here to so if you just want to run around and goof then feel free. Plots Plots are protected zones where you can build without fear of being griefed by another player. To get a plot user the /plot auto command. If you want to build with a friend you can add them to your plot with the /plot trust command. To play music in your plot use the /plot music command. To learn more about what you can do on your plot use /plot help. World World is active for everyone on here. To get started just grab your wand and check out the World wiki. You can use the /wewiki to see the link to the Official World wiki. If you need help figuring stuff out don’t hesitate to ask. Contests Every single month we hold a building contest based on any theme we think of. To be considered for the contest your build must match the theme and be exactly 75×75 in size. The winner each month gets their build showcased in 1 of the surround spawn plots for an entire year! This months theme is: Economy As you actively play here you will earn money every so often. The money you earn automatically gets stored in your own bank account which you can check by speaking with Teller. You can spend the money you earn on buying plots from other players or on skulls sold by Skully at spawn. SpeedBuilders If you want to partake in a little friendly competition then Speed Builders might interest you. In Speed Builders you get shown a small build than most race to reconstruct it has fast as you can. All the participates win $5 just for joining but the winner gets $50. Head to the purple to join a game.
  15. Introduction

    Society is a player moderated experience where the is no set goal except to thrive in an environment where anyone can create/destroy societies and exile/free players for any reason they so choose. When you first start you will randomly spawn on the map. We recommend finding a society to join as soon as possible so /msg online players. Citadel Citadel allows you to reinforce blocks so that they are protected from being broken. If you reinforce a Jukebox or Noteblock it turns that block into a snitch that tracks events within a radius. You can also prevent crops from being harvested or doors and buttons from being used. The Citadel & commands are: Bastion A bastion block allows you to protect your land in many ways. It can prevent dispensers from dispensing, pistons from pushing into a field, teleportation inside a field by non-members. To create a bastion just place a target block, reinforce it, enter /bsb and then click the block to create a bastion block. Shops Item exchange shops are crucial due to the lack of resources in any given biome. Chests, double chests, trapped chests, double trapped chests and dispensers can all be used as shops. To learn how to create and use a shop use the /ies command. Factories FactoryMod enables you to create machines that consume and produce resources and enchantments. There are too many different types of machines and tech trees to go over so if you want to learn more user the /factorymod command. Exile Pearls ExilePearls allow the players to moderate the server themselves. If you kill another player with an ender pearl in your hotbar they become exiled and the pearl is transformed into an exile pearl. Exiled players have a set of restrictions that prevent them from doing certain things until they are freed. To learn more about ExilePearls use the /ep command. Bane Eggs If you kill a mob with a weapon enchanted with the Bane of Arthropods it adds a small chance to spawn an egg of the same type of mob that was killed. The drop rates are: Mechanics There are a handful of default mechanics that have been altered. They are: Bookshelves can store books inside them Decreased growth rates of plants and animals Biome specific increased rates of plants and animals A chat range of up to 750 meters Enderchests are completely disabled Iron drops from Iron Golems have been disabled Villager trading has been disabled
  16. General

    Terminus is a post-apocalyptic world run by scavenger gangs and zombie hordes. The main goal here is to survive by any means possible. Explore the world and you will find plenty of zombies to fight and supplies to keep you alive. When your first join read any books and journal entries you unlock as they will guide you to Terminus. Conditions There are 4 conditions you have to maintain or cure at all times. If you max out the level on any of these conditions or wait too long to cure them you will most likely die. Thirst increases as you play and when you consume certain items. To decrease your thirst level drink water or bourbon or visit a Doctor. Radiation increases as you consume items or spend time in radiation zones. To decrease your radiation level consume Ex-Rad or visit a Doctor. If you happen to be in a radiation zone without a hazmat suit then your radiation level increases and you get radiation poisoning. Cholera is a disease you can contract by drinking dirty water. While you have cholera your hunger increases. To cure cholera take antibiotics. Infection is a disease that you can catch by zombie bites. When you get infected it becomes hard to see and you have a short window of time to amputate the flesh around the bite. If you don’t amputate in time you will die. The Joint If you hurt other players or NPCs then an automatic bounty gets placed on you. If you get caught by a guard while you have a bounty they can put you in jail. Upon entering jail your items are confiscated and you can wait out your sentence or talk to Hannigan to pay your fine. If you escape jail without paying your fine your items are not returned and your bounty will continue to increase until it has been paid. Feats There are a number of feats you can and will earn that unlock rewards that will aid you in your survival. There are 9 categories of feats and 5 feats in each category. To earn these feats just play the game as you normally would and they will unlock for you automatically. To see a list of current feats use the /feats command. Cooking All cooking is done through using Cauldrons. There are a number of meats and soups you can cook that all give you experience. To cook something just gather the raw ingredients, throw them in the cauldron and wait a few seconds for them to cook and they will appear. Here is a basic list of recipes: Beet Soup - 4 Beets Carrot Soup - 4 Carrots Shroom Soup - 4 Mushrooms Any Meat - 1 Raw Meat Item Crafting If you have a blueprint and the required materials you can visit any of the blue benches to craft that item. You can find blueprints in supply drops and crafting materials by looting chests found in any of the radiation zones. The crafting supplies include: Tools - Tools needed for crafting. Components - Parts needed for crafting. Alloy - Metal used in weapons. Polymer - Plastic used in weapons. Resin - Adhesive used in armor. Textile - Fabric used in armor. Levels You can gain levels by looting chests and killing zombies and player. With each level, you gain you automatically increase your health and damage output which is crucial to your longevity. To see your current level stats use the /level command. Gangs Being in a gang is one of the best ways to ensure your survival and allows you to compete in any of the GvG arenas found throughout Terminus. Use the /g help command to view all the available gang commands that will help you join or create a gang of your own. Supply Drops Every so often a supply drop event will occur. The crates fall at random locations throughout Terminus so you will have to do some searching to find them. Upon opening a supply crate you will be rewarded with crafting materials, schematics, attachments or even a gun if you are lucky. Hotels If you want a space to call your own you can rent a room by the day at one of the hotels, Tenpenny Tower & The Malibu. Each room comes with at least 2 chests and a bed to sleep at night. If you don’t pay your rent you will lose all the belongings you left behind. Items There are a number of custom items that will help you survive on a daily basis. You should get familiar with all of these items as soon as possible and be sure to stay stocked. Some of the items include: Antibiotics - Cures most diseases. Aquatabs - Used to purify dirty water. Bandage - Cures bleeding for you or others. Ex-Rad - Reduces radiation poison levels. Guts - Hide from nearby zombies. Medpack - Regenerates health over time. Painkillers - Increases pain resistance. Poppet - A magic doll that prevents death. Radio - Sends an alert for backup. Splint - Cures any sprains from falling. Stimpak - Injects a speed and health boost. Torch - Lights up the surrounding area. Tracker - Tracks specific locations. Water - Decreases your thirst level.
  17. Brewery

    Depending on the Recipe, some Steps may not be needed, the following instruction describes the common procedure of brewing. Fermenting Step one consists of fermenting the fresh ingredients. - Place cauldron over a fire. - Fill it with water. - Add ingredients with a right click. - Wait while they ferment. Use a clock on a cauldron to check fermenting time. Fill in glass bottles. Distilling Put the fermented bottle into the brewing stand. Put glowstone dust as a filter on top into the brewing stand (The filter will not be consumed). Aging A barrel is needed for aging. It can be built in two ways: Small Barrel - Use 8 wooden stairs to build a barrel shape. - Place a Sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" in the upper Line. - Message "Barrel created" should appear. The small Barrel is opened with a right click on the sign. Put the Bottles into the Barrels for aging. Depending on the Recipe the Type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged Brew. The Barrel should not be destroyed while aging, as it would leak after a short while. Big Barrel - Use 5 Fences, 16 Wooden stairs, and 18 wood planks to build a barrel shape. - Attach a Spigot (Fence) and a Sign that has "Barrel" written on the first Line. - Message "Barrel created" should appear. You may remove the Sign from the Big Barrel after creating it. The big barrel with a right click on the spigot (fence). Put the Bottles into the Barrels for aging. Depending on the Recipe the Type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged Brew. The Barrel should not be destroyed while aging, as it would leak after a short while. When breaking the Spigot, everything inside will spit out. Drinking The amount of alcohol inside the brew will be applied to the player when drinking. Depending on the quality of it, that may have different effects. The Player may not be able to walk normally anymore, they will weave, making it almost impossible to walk straight Effects like Blindness, Confusion, Poison etc. occur The chat will be altered depending on drunkenness, many things players write may be incomprehensible, sometimes it seems senseless If the alcohol is particularly strong, it may have poisonous effects. After drinking a lot, there is a chance of vomiting. When logging off, the player may have difficulties reaching their character, thus some logins shortly after may be denied After drinking too much the player may faint (Disconnecting) Getting Sober After drinking it takes a while until the alcohol is completely gone. During that time the alcohol level is steadily decreasing. Also, it can be decreased through eat bread or drinking milk. When logging off extremely drunk, it may happen that, if the player logs back in after a while, they may find themselves at a completely unknown place in the middle of nowhere having no idea how they got there. But if they log back in after some hours or next morning, they will find themselves at /home, again without any memories. Also if the alcohol was not of best quality, the player may face some bad type of hangover (slowness and hunger).
  18. Economy

    The economy in Ethos
  19. Magic

    Abjuration Conjuration Divination Enchantment Evocation Illusion Necromancy Transmutation Universal
  20. Professions

    Architect Armorer Blacksmith Butcher Chef Courtesan Engineer Farmer Fisher Herbalist Miner Shepherd Soldier Woodcutter
  21. Races

    Catfolk Dhampir Goblin Human Kitsune Nagaji Tengu Vanara Wyrwood
  22. History

    The history of Ethos
  23. Locations

    Baropoint Evermore Cape Vascu Arctis Broda Darkmire Farscar Jericho Lenora Mogdor Tempur Voxbury
  24. Geography

    Ethos Woveran Epadore Regocia
  25. In Prison there is now the MCMMO Leveling with weapons, with certain levels required to equip certain types of items. However for leveling Attack skills there is nearly no way to level them as mobs that are spawned by spawners do not grant Skill gains. There is a slight workaround in that it appears that if the mobs have been spawned for long enough they will grant skills. However I suspect that they lose the "spawned by spawner" tag when the server restarts. This makes it extremely difficult to level Attack based skills, as there is a limited number of mobs that give skill gains. I'm not sure if this should be under Suggestion or bug. But I did see this is a configurable option in the MCMMO Config files. So I believe a suggestion fits better.
  26. Formal Request for access to /fly in acid island

    Didn't I already reject this suggestion? 100% sure I did this morning. Anyway, this will never be added. Flying players load chunks faster and fast chunk loading means TPS drops. It also defeats the purpose of surviving on an island.
  27. Formal Request for access to /fly in acid island

    this would also be useful to curb huge currency ammounts, ie, $$$ dump
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