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  2. Description There is a hole in the barrier roof On Mine A Date of Occurrence March 16th 2018 Expected Behavior The Barrier prevent players from Escaping the Prison. Actual Behavior There is a hole. Client Mods None Media Screenshot with F3 on for Coordinates, this is in Mine A
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  4. SkyGrid - Challenge Rewards

    The Lava Finder challenge is like this too, I didn't get 'An Irritating Stick' (Couldn't edit the post)
  5. SkyGrid - Challenge Rewards

    Description After completing the 'Oink!' challenge, I wasn't given 'The Fishing Rod of Destiny', though I was given the $10 from the challenge. I'm unsure if the other challenges are like this as well. Date of Occurrence Date of post. Steps to Reproduce Stand near a pig Activate the challenge Check your inventory
  6. [Prison] "Backpacks" put into Ender chests seem to disapear

    I can just give you your backpack the next time you are on. Typically they are just used for mining overflow so...lets not store them with valuable items inside of an Enderchest. Haha.
  7. Description A "backpack" with Items in it that was placed into an Ender chest disappeared, along with the items that were in it Date of Occurrence March 15th 2018 Expected Behavior The BackPack with all of the items in it stays in the ender chest and are able to be retrieved at a later date/time Actual Behavior The Backpack disapears Error Message None Additional Information This backpack contained my Heavily enchanted Diamond Sword, Diamond Shovel, Diamond Axe, and a Second Pickaxe with Silk touch and heavy other enchants. Is there anyway to at get the enchanted Items replaced? Client Mods None
  8. Fortune also seems to have the same issue of being non Functional. Expected Behavior Fortune - Increased drops every now and then Actual Behavior Drops are 1 per block broken
  9. Description The Enchants for Excavation and Explosion do not have any effect. They are on the Effects Enchant Board Date of Occurrence March 15th 2018 Expected Behavior Explosion - Some sort of BOOM Excavation - Some sort of improved digging Actual Behavior Enchants have no effect Error Message None Additional Information I tested with Excavation 3 on a pickaxe Frailu tested with Explosion on a Pickaxe Client Mods None
  10. What is possessed stone used for? (pathfinder)

    Oh, apparently it's just a random custom drop added by craftbook https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/server-support/1885744-pigs-dropping-possessed-stone-and-quartz-shards
  11. Prison - MineCrates don't give money

    Great. That tweak worked.
  12. Prison - MineCrates don't give money

    I just tested and it is working for me
  13. Prison - MineCrates don't give money

    I've made 1 tweak with the command that gives you money so let me know if that fixes it for you.
  14. Prison - MineCrates don't give money

    Is this specifically with the Minecrates that say they gave $500? There are 3 rewards you can get from Minecrates, $500, 10 tokens, and very rarely 5 diamonds. The Chat will tell you which one you just opened. I will try to test this tonight, I haven't checked my balance before and after opening a Minecrate.
  15. While gallivanting around Regocia earlier I killed a pig, in my endless quest for XP, while en route to a spot to safely plant some jungle and acacia saplings for the server to use to get more. It dropped an item named possessed stone, which is just regular smooth stone renamed, this is the only time i've seen this happen and I can only conclude that it's something added to the drop tables on purpose (my guess is that it's a rare drop across all mobs, but a guess is a guess). Does anyone have any info on what it might be used for? or where it comes from?
  16. Terminus Update & Reset

    A lot of you have been wondering when Terminus was coming back so I thought I would go ahead and break down exactly what is happening over here and I'm going to start with something that may upset a few of you. All current player inventories, levels, balances and saved locations are being wiped. This decision was not made lightly and ultimately was made to stay true to the integrity of the games original concept which was supposed to be a difficult post-apocalyptic survival mode where resources are scarce and maintaining your current health conditions was crucial to survival. That being said any of you that were playing before the coming update is well aware that this was not the case and that it suffered greatly from imbalances in many aspects of the game. Now for the good stuff. Say goodbye to the hack & slash arcade version of Terminus and may it rest in peace over on the Zombies server where it belongs. I've worked countless hours creating a custom plugin that I believe really pulls everything together. I've heard your cries and suggestions and here is a list of features you all can look forward to: World: New players will now spawn outside of the city in random locations and their goal is to make it to the city. Safe zone: When you finally make it back to the city the safe zone got an awesome makeover thanks to Fernandont. Items: Antibiotics, Aquatabs, Bandage, Ex-Rad, Medpack, Painkillers, Radio, Splint, Stimpak, Tracker, and Torch. Cooking: The granola bar still exists but now we also have cauldron cooking with way more food options. Radiation: Radiation zones now exist and everything you eat and drink has some level or radiation. Get cozy with Ex-Rad. Water: Drinking dirty water now causes Cholera but can now be cleansed with Aquatabs or by boiling in a cauldron. Weapons: All the weapons are the same but getting blueprints are going to be rare which is how it should be. Blueprints: Once you find a blueprint and "learn" it then that weapon or armor piece is unlocked for you indefinitely. Death Drops: When you die you lose your drops including your guns so be sure to stock up on Soul Bound attachments. Feats: My favorite new addition is the Feats system which rewards you for reaching certain "Feats" in the game. Stats: Tons of stats are tracked now like what you kill, how you die, what you use, how far you travel and much more. Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, after reading that list of features some of you have turned your frown upside down. The last thing I want to do is upset any of you but I hope that you trust that I only want what is best for you and the longevity of the server. As far as the re-launch date goes I hate to put an official date on it because life happens sometimes but you can expect it to be opened again in a few days give or take. I will make an announcement when it is. Cheers.
  17. Information Brokers

    Did not mean to post it here. Sorry.
  18. Information Brokers

    I believe we should add information brokers. Why? Not only will it had a bit more realism, they will be extremely helpful to players. Players can exchange emerald for the info, varying depending on the type of information. Information can include: Town Locations Boss Locations Base Locations Player Information Quests
  19. Emerald trader name error and TP issue

    Hey Barnaby, it would be immensely helpful if you could put one bug per post and use the bug report template for anything complex, filling in the details you can. It not only makes it easier to reproduce the issues, but also keep track of what has been fixed. I understand it may take a little more effort, but it'll result in bugs more efficiently being fixed, and prevent bugs accidentally being missed when there's more than one in a topic.
  20. Description The MineCrates that I encounter in the mines don't add to my balance. Steps to Reproduce Right click on a MineCrate Expected Behavior I should be given $500.00 every time I interact with a MineCrate Actual Behavior Nothing is added to my balance
  21. Emerald trader name error and TP issue

    Additional craftbook problem found involving the better pistons and the redstone powered glowstone (which allows you to toggle between glass and glowstone, but you can't break the glowstone by hand because obviously that would be OP). Basically there's a better pistons function called crush, you can guess what it does, by toggling glass into glowstone and activating a crush piston into it the glowstone breaks and drops dust when it normally wouldn't be obtainable from the transformed glass/glowstone. There are actually a bunch of ways crush pistons could be abused, whereas the glowstone function is only really useful for nice lighting effects. So would suggest removing the crush pistons as a fix.
  22. The baropoint Emerald trader's name is npc.name (specifically when making trades with her) and the craftbook teleporter sign is currently available to use. Very easy for people to bypass teleportation restrictions that people have set for their towns, or just to explore using it, not a bug but something that I believe should be looked at and evaluated.
  23. Supply drops not 'despawning'

    Strange, there are no errors. I removed the one I found. Hopefully, this doesn't continue. Closing for now.
  24. [Prison] Escaped! (Found a hole in the barrier above a Mine)

    Haha...that was a huge gap. Fixed
  25. Helper Application

    What is your in-game name? King_of_Ferrets How old are you? 17 (Yes I understand that you are looking for "18+") What is your timezone? MST (-7:00) How many hours a week are you available? Varies due to school and family matters (6-18) Why should we choose you for this role? I love helping people with simple-complex questions/tasks. Do you have any previous experience? I've moderated Minecraft faction Discord servers before. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Patience, willingness to help, solving problems alongside people, kind. Weaknesses: Low tolerance for people being too annoying, Snarky attitude (According to some). What server do you spend the most time on? Acid Island (Until I explore other servers.) Do you use Discord and have a mic? Yes
  26. Description There is a hole in the barrier above Mine C See attached screenshot with the F3 menu up for location, Rain helpfully illustrates the edge of the barrier. Date of Occurrence March 12th 2018 Expected Behavior An invisible Barrier prevents climbing up and out of the Mine. Actual Behavior There is a hole allowing for escape! Error Message None Client Mods None Media
  27. [Pathfinder] /ps race command works, but returns error

    Fixed. The command does work but it was also using the race command from the deactivated "race skills" plugin which returned that message. I've disabled that and added a confirmation that their race has been changed.
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