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    I'm KRYZT. I left the MC community around the 1.9 era, just as 1.10 was coming out, after playing since 1.6, and got back into RuneScape (playing a RS2 Private Server). Anyways, recently, Looking and talking on the discord of the past MC community I was part of which kinda fell apart, I was searching online for a server that had Acid Islands. I miraculously crashed upon this server and I have to admit, I love the resource pack that goes with acid island and the environment, its perfect! I think I found my new MC server, loving it so far!
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    My names WaruAkuma, I'm enjoying the server so far playing on Kingdoms and Prison, I'm mostly focused on Kingdoms though. I stumbled upon this server through Planet Minecraft. I'm 16 just looking for a fun server to play and I hope this server can offer that. So far it's been very fun, thank you for creating a good society and I hope to play with everyone here soon
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    Whats up I'm Metazolid, I've stumbled across this server more by accident via this post on Reddit and what I though would be a quick visit turned out to be a bit longer stay, mostly because I was kinda blown away by the concept of Terminus. Even though anyone is barely online right now, I've read you just remade the Server or something similar so I assume the people will come back and see how it goes. I'm from Germany and besides Minecraft I enjoy playing Rocket League and Borderlands. When the invitelink to the Discord will work again, I'll be there from time to time and can talk about pretty much anything :) Cheers
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    Hey Waru, so you originally joined for Kingdoms and Prison? seems like you just encountered and fell in love with AcidIslands lol
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    Stardew has been removed. We aren't sure when we will be bringing Stardew back but we do know it wasn't getting much traction and we wanted to work on it offline. In its place is a new server called Society which is an unmoderated player controlled civilization server. This means anything goes and it's up to the players to moderate unsavory actions. It will be Beta mode for the first week(s) so please report any bugs you encounter and enjoy the freedom.