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    Hi my name is Kenesucmi . Dont mind the skin cuz I cant change at the moment But , new player in this server . Found this from reddit . From Asia and im a guy Kappa . If any question , just let me know
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    Hello everyone! I'm walmart_securtity! I'm now a helper on the Skygrid map and will try to help you out if you need any. Starting out can be a bit rough on some players but the "sense of pride and accomplishment" after getting established makes it all the more fun. See you on the server!
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    https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/sellchest-sell-chest-inventory-booster-gui-fully-recoded.43857/ sell chest would be nice i think
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    (If you don't want to read through all of this TLDR is at the bottom) -Magic Dust- I've been on Kingdoms for a good while now, I've made a sizable kingdom in my time on the server and leveled quite a bit as well and fairly far into the "Late Game" loot/gear wise. When I'm running through the Wraith Citadel looting the valued chests getting 5-20 cash is most dreaded thing to pull from a chest. With the amount of runes/enchants/gems/abilities I have, Magic Dust is by far the most valued item to get. That is four different items I need to use Magic Dust on with all of those effects having a lower than 50% success rate rolls for all of these buff items. With my current set up I've got over 50 slots to use with the varied gems/runes/enchants/abilities I'd need well over a few stacks of magic dust just to get into a good success range of 75%. Tweaking the loot table in the Wraith Citadel chests would be great, remove the money rewards and add in Magic Dust II-IV, maybe have the tier V Dust a rare drop from the chests. The abyssal gems are nice but become less useful in later levels when you don't share gear as much. -Runes Enchants and Abilities - Slot Items - Oh the lovely items we find while killing the basic mobs around the world our Kingdoms are built in! These items are a great reason to farm mobs in the Kingdom world itself. The gems have a massive variation in them between the tiers of I-V you are always searching to find that one tier V gem with a solid success rate to build up and toss into your armor. Runes.... Next best thing. Solid variety but a little lacking, I don't know what sort of runes could be added but I'd say they are at a good even level but a little love and variety never hurt among the 8 or so runes I've found so far. -Now Enchants, they've got some interesting uses to them, to slowing you down or punishing anyone that decided to swing a sword in your direction, with a chance of bonus exp to boot. But honestly that's about it, enchants from what I've seen only have 11 different enchants with of course the different I-V but considering 3 of those 14 have no effect for pvp (4 if you include Executioner, as its used to have a chance at removing someones head). The three I'm talking about are Exp Hunter, just for a little more exp from kills, Lava walker and Divine touch to mine mob spawners. That would be only 9 different enchants and two of them being exclusive for bows. To me enchants just feel a little lack luster when it comes to it. I don't know maybe I haven't seen some other enchants. Maybe some new enchants specific to different weapon types would be great. I'll add some of my own ideas later on when they come to mind. Lastly for this bit..... Abilities. You've got the amazing choice between (From what I've gathered..) THREE whole abilities! Two of them being ranged attacks, Volley and Hellfire. The last one being Heal Wind which I've only found one so far and its a defensive ability. I don't know about you but I'm a guy that loves to fight up close with swords, axes and whatever else I can beat you with. The only ability that has caught my eye is Heal Wind. For my love of melee combat I would be happy to see some new abilities that compliment it. I'll leave some Ability ideas at the bottom. (Just checked other suggestion forums and seeing my own going on long enough... BUT THAT'S NOT STOPPING ME! NEXT POINT!) -Rare mobs With the new leveled Kingdom world mobs they've become a great way to level skills and have become a bit more popular. What would add to the fun would be Rare spawned mobs that have a higher chance of dropping gems or that o' so lovely Magic Dust everyone wants. Have the Rare mob drop table drop IV-V tiered slot items and a couple of Magic dust to boot. -Dungeon Bosses For my PvM loving side having a challenging boss to fight with a friend or two is always something to look forward to. This boss could be a buffed up version of the current dungeon mobs. His drop table could consist of (legendary gear perhaps?~) or set armor pieces/weapons that would help transition you into the next dungeon, in the lower dungeons or help kill mobs in the current dungeon. Another idea would be the boss drops tokens to be traded in at spawn for such gear or other rewards... Like Magic Dust. These bosses aren't readily available to kill at the end of dungeons though! You've got to fight to the end of the dungeon to loot a key from the ender chest waiting at the end to access the boss room where the real fight begins. -New Dungeon A new dungeon would be fun, but this one would have pvp enabled. For the brave at heart and well geared with some end game Mystic armor you can fight through a dungeon of mobs and other players for a possible higher tiered armor and weapons. This dungeon can only be accessible during the peak time of play during the day and closed off at later hours to keep players (Like myself) From safely grinding it at night when barely any other player is online. The Boss of this dungeon would be a Gladiator needing more than just one mortal to face him. He could drop pvp exclusive armor and weapons that would give you the stats any pvper would want to have. (No pve rolls for defense or damage) Now that I finally can't think of any more ideas, the TLDR TLDR - Magic Dust - Rework the chest drop table in Wraith Citadel to have more Magic Dust II-IV - Runes, enchants and Abilities - All in all, we need better Abilities some melee related - Rare Mobs - Fancy mobs that have higher drop rates for Slot Items and Magic Dust - Dungeon Bosses - End game bosses to fight for loot, always a good way to get better rewards from dungeons - New Dungeon - Dungeon based around PvP for the best gear I know this is alot of stuff to add in but I've been really enjoying the Kingdom server and I am curious to see how the Server will grow later on and with all of this it would add plenty of content for old and new players to grind through. And I will make another post with a few of my own ideas for Abilities and Enchants at a later time.
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    Yes and no. There is hidden enchants on the better rods but the benefits haven't been implemented yet.
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    Where are you fishing because there are specific places you need to fish. If you are fishing on your farm you going to get a lot of junk and if you are fishing outside of those key locations you going to continue to get junk. Refer to the official Stardew wiki for key fishing locations.
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    Description On Stardew Valley: When taking an item from (Perhaps any taskable block) the lightning rod, if your inventory is full, the item will probably insert itself into any of the remaining slots (Armor, off-hand) (Tested, the leggings slot). Date of Occurrence Date of post Steps to Reproduce Fill inventory Right click lightning rod Expected Behavior No inventory insertion, message "Your inventory is full" Actual Behavior Inserts into what should not be a valid slot for a non-armor item Additional Information Remove the battery from my leggings if convenient please Media
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    you have to give them like multiple to increase, just giving one wont increase it
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    Description In Stardew Valley, one can mount the horses of other players, and access, instead of the standard stardew inventory as shown in the first image, the inventory of the horse containing saddle and horse armor. Date of Occurrence Date of post Steps to Reproduce Find a horse owned by another player Mount it Hit E Expected Behavior Unmountable, or if mounted, access to the same inventory screen as presented on your own horse. Actual Behavior Mountable, when mounted, the horse's vanilla inventory is accessible. Additional Information I put kidcolt's saddle and armor back don't worry Media
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    Description When beets are harvested on stardew valley, the vanilla beetroot drops (Shown first image) as opposed to the textured diamond hoe beet (Shown second image) Date of Occurrence Date of post Steps to Reproduce Harvest beet at completion - left click Expected Behavior NBT beet drop Actual Behavior Vanilla beetroot drop Media
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    Description When breaking crops that haven't grown fully yet, confirmably Potatoes and Parsnip, untitled varieties of the seeds drop rather than the titled versions. Date of Occurrence Date of post Steps to Reproduce Plant (any?) or mentioned crop Break in any stage prior completion Expected Behavior Either drop titled or drop nothing Actual Behavior Drops untitled seeds Media
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    I'm sure tyler knows but I'll say for assurance - it's the same with all taskable blocks, just modify the steps appropriately to take advantage.
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    My previous fix seems to have rolled back so I've deactivated speed checks all together in the config. That should fix it once and for all.
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    Heyo! It's Meowz here, the pk'ing leader of OSHIT. So, I created my gang on a whim and noticed how little things there really are. Naturally, I thought of some suggestions to help liven it up a bit, because honestly, there is no incentive to create a gang as the only useful thing it has going on right now would be the teleports. Gang Territories: Typically, irl, gangs have territories that they have claimed and will often dispute over, so why don't the gangs on the server have territories? However, just holding onto a piece of land doesn't really seem like much fun, and sure the occasional fight over power would be nice, but where are the rewards? Maybe territories could be split up into different quadrants or small pieces that gangs can claim for money (perhaps it would tell you if a territory is claimed when you walk over it, like in many faction servers), and holding a territory will garner some kind of reward. Owning land could give rewards like crafting supplies, food, and money every week (maybe Sundays?) depending on how much land is owned. Of course, gangs should be able to fight over territories. I noticed that there was an option for fighting other gangs, so maybe we could turn that into two different things: one for friendly bouts, and one for territorial bouts. Territorial bouts should only be started by the leaders of the gangs, and they both have to be on the server (it'd be a dick move to take from someone who isn't even there). Along with both leaders having to be on at the same time, they have to agree on a piece of territory to be bet (idk, maybe standing on an enemy's territory and using the fight command or whatever). "But what about the afk gangs who are hogging the land????" If a gang can't afford to pay for a territory, then it should become a neutral zone that is free for the taking. Also, it wouldn't make sense for a gang to be able to get random spots around the map (that'd be ridiculous), so they should only be able to purchase/claim territories around their original piece of land. Going along with not being able to purchase spots randomly, gangs shouldn't be able to do /sethome in other gang territories. This would make teleports not as op, as right now you can have tp's everywhere. Also, to make your gang levels actually useful, you could make it so that the smaller your gang is, the less territories you can buy, while the bigger your gang is, them more territories and members you can have. It would make sense proportionally. Land around hotels, red flags, and NPCs should be more expensive than the other areas (naturally), since they have valuable loot/storage. Spawn shouldn't be claimable (obvi), although I think hotels should be claimable. Makes sense, you know? Mafia owns big hotel chain for drug deals--that kind of scenario. It'd be interesting. Totally not for my own benefit or anything. ahem. Also, everyone should be able to loot and traverse through the gang lands, because it wouldn't be fair for poor solo players. Enemy gangs can get more loot if they loot in your territory, and vice versa, maybe? That'd be fun, you'd need guards for your territory, though. It would be cool to have the ability to hire mercenaries in exchange for food, water, and money. Ya know, whatever. So, tl;dr: -small claimable land around the map, price is proportionate to how valuable the materials are around it and location of the spot -gangs can only claim land around other pieces of their land that they have already claimed -cannot claim spawn -can fight other gangs for their territories (you get their piece of land if you won and can claim land adjacent to it if it's neutral land, and lose money if you challenged but lost) -get rewards based on value of land and how much you own once a week -can only sethome in your own territory -amount of land you can claim is proportionate to gang level -read last mini paragraph above tl;dr, I'm too lazy to type it here. Naturally, these are all suggestions, so while I would like to have them implemented, it's not necessary. Also, it's two in the morning, so most of this is mindless rambling. Thanks for reading my squabble, I 'ppreciate it.
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    Please, I beg of you Tyler, add more zombies. I crave their juicy ears. It's like beef jerky, but zombie flesh and ears. No, but seriously, the map feels super empty. Please add more zombies as it adds more of a challenge. It doesn't feel like a post-apocalyptic world with 3-4 zombies every 20 minutes. Thank you for reading, <3Meowz
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    Now when placing any equipment there will be a warmup time before it can be used. Also, during Sundays maintenance, I will be clearing out all of the old equipment timers so all your equipment will need to be placed down again when you log back on.