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    **PRISON ~ PRISON ~ PRISON ~ PRISON ~ PRISON** Prison is equipped with many fun activities that revolve around mining and reach your personal prison goals. Some goals include: Being richest player Most blocks mined Unlocked all ranked mines ... And plenty more! The highlight and the main components of the Prison server are the mines! Some of the mines include Mob mine, PvP mine and Ranked mines (refer below for more info). As you mine, you'll earn in-server currency (money) that can go towards: Buying new gear Upgrading your gear Purchasing prison plots Rank up to better mines as well as earning ranks The Mob Mine Survive the waves of mobs while you mine for the most valuable ores. These ores that can be sold to earn extra cash (if you survive!). Otherwise, if you’re feeling competitive, try to reach to the top of the leaderboard on the number of mob kills. Requirements: 2 or more players to join a session Skills to survive the mob waves How to play: Initiate a mob mine battle by typing /mobmine Those who wish to join type .... Select a your desired class to face the mobs and mine your goodies Class1 Class2 Class3 Class4 Class5 Count down, ready up and play! PvP Mine This mine will allow you to compete against other players for valuable ores. Additionally, there is a PvP leader board for most player kills. Requirement: 2 or more players to compete in a session MUST PvP - No grinding for ores only How to Play: Initiate a PvP battle by typing .... Players who wish to join, type ...... Ranked Mines If you just enjoy the daily grind, earn some money and prison ranks, these mines are for you. All players will start at Mine A and work their way to Mine Z. As you progress to each mine the ratio of ore-to-stone increases. For example: Mine A has 75% stone and 25% coal. Mine B has 50% stone and 50% coal. Every four(4) mines will consist of a new type of ore. Mine A – D: Coal Mine E – H: Iron Mine I – L: Lapis Mine M – P: Redstone Mine Q – T: Gold Mine U – X: Emerald Mine Y – Z+: Diamond Commands Useful commands on Prison: /rankup – rank up to next mine and rank /warps – GUI to warp to different ranked mines /sellall – Sell everything you’ve mined /bp – your backpack /money – Check your balance /vote – Vote for Lacuna /plots – warp to plots