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    Hi my name is Kenesucmi . Dont mind the skin cuz I cant change at the moment But , new player in this server . Found this from reddit . From Asia and im a guy Kappa . If any question , just let me know
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    Due to lack of time to maintain greylisting and other Pathfinder features, we will be merging Pathfinder content into Kingdoms. This ultimately means no more personas but a substantial Race + Class setup will go into Kingdoms and will make for a better PVP/RPG environment all around. In Pathfinders old spot we will be adding a vanilla-ish (for now) PVE survival world in anticipation for the new 1.13 update. Survival and Kingdoms will both be whitelisted in the meantime during this transition. Your continued support and patience as always are appreciated. I will update this post as soon as the merge has been completed. Cheers.
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    I'm KRYZT. I left the MC community around the 1.9 era, just as 1.10 was coming out, after playing since 1.6, and got back into RuneScape (playing a RS2 Private Server). Anyways, recently, Looking and talking on the discord of the past MC community I was part of which kinda fell apart, I was searching online for a server that had Acid Islands. I miraculously crashed upon this server and I have to admit, I love the resource pack that goes with acid island and the environment, its perfect! I think I found my new MC server, loving it so far!
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    My names WaruAkuma, I'm enjoying the server so far playing on Kingdoms and Prison, I'm mostly focused on Kingdoms though. I stumbled upon this server through Planet Minecraft. I'm 16 just looking for a fun server to play and I hope this server can offer that. So far it's been very fun, thank you for creating a good society and I hope to play with everyone here soon
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    Whats up I'm Metazolid, I've stumbled across this server more by accident via this post on Reddit and what I though would be a quick visit turned out to be a bit longer stay, mostly because I was kinda blown away by the concept of Terminus. Even though anyone is barely online right now, I've read you just remade the Server or something similar so I assume the people will come back and see how it goes. I'm from Germany and besides Minecraft I enjoy playing Rocket League and Borderlands. When the invitelink to the Discord will work again, I'll be there from time to time and can talk about pretty much anything :) Cheers
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    Stardew has been removed. We aren't sure when we will be bringing Stardew back but we do know it wasn't getting much traction and we wanted to work on it offline. In its place is a new server called Society which is an unmoderated player controlled civilization server. This means anything goes and it's up to the players to moderate unsavory actions. It will be Beta mode for the first week(s) so please report any bugs you encounter and enjoy the freedom.
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    So I was just going to make myself a test server that I could hide on but I had a change of heart and decided to make you all a creative server instead. We are thinking monthly build contests and build battles should definitely be a thing. The lobby cosmetics are also active in Creative too so you get to fuss around with those more often now. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your gift and I would hop on as soon as possible to snatch up those premium plots near spawn. P.S. If you are wondering what happened to the Zombies server well it just wasn't very popular and we really wanted to focus all of our zombie love into the Terminus server.
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    A new era for Terminus.
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    A lot of you have been wondering when Terminus was coming back so I thought I would go ahead and break down exactly what is happening over here and I'm going to start with something that may upset a few of you. All current player inventories, levels, balances and saved locations are being wiped. This decision was not made lightly and ultimately was made to stay true to the integrity of the games original concept which was supposed to be a difficult post-apocalyptic survival mode where resources are scarce and maintaining your current health conditions was crucial to survival. That being said any of you that were playing before the coming update is well aware that this was not the case and that it suffered greatly from imbalances in many aspects of the game. Now for the good stuff. Say goodbye to the hack & slash arcade version of Terminus and may it rest in peace over on the Zombies server where it belongs. I've worked countless hours creating a custom plugin that I believe really pulls everything together. I've heard your cries and suggestions and here is a list of features you all can look forward to: World: New players will now spawn outside of the city in random locations and their goal is to make it to the city. Safe Zone: When you finally make it back to the city the safe zone got an awesome makeover thanks to Fernandont. Items: Antibiotics, Aquatabs, Bandage, Ex-Rad, Medpack, Painkillers, Radio, Splint, Stimpak, Tracker, and Torch. Cooking: The granola bar still exists but now we also have cauldron cooking with way more food options. Radiation: Radiation zones now exist and everything you eat and drink has some level or radiation. Get cozy with Ex-Rad. Water: Drinking dirty water now causes Cholera but can now be cleansed with Aquatabs or by boiling in a cauldron. Weapons: All the weapons are the same but getting blueprints are going to be rare which is how it should be. Blueprints: Once you find a blueprint and "learn" it then that weapon or armor piece is unlocked for you indefinitely. Death Drops: When you die you lose your drops including your guns so be sure to stock up on Soul Bound attachments. Feats: My favorite new addition is the Feats system which rewards you for reaching certain "Feats" in the game. Stats: Tons of stats are tracked now like what you kill, how you die, what you use, how far you travel and much more. Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, after reading that list of features some of you have turned your frown upside down. The last thing I want to do is upset any of you but I hope that you trust that I only want what is best for you and the longevity of the server. As far as the re-launch date goes I hate to put an official date on it because life happens sometimes but you can expect it to be opened again in a few days give or take. I will make an announcement when it is. Cheers.
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    Everything I've learned has come from the /wiki and just playing - that's ultimately how you have to find these things out. I don't know the answer to all your questions, but here's what I've discovered so far (it may be inaccurate or change as the server evolves): I could only put two on my rifle. I believe backstab is just shooting someone from behind, but I've not tested it. No, I have an M16A2 and it is full auto. You may only have one primary gun in the hotbar - unsure about secondary. I'm also not sure if an SMG is considered a primary or secondary - I've not made one yet. Every weapon seems to have a high damage and low damage based on aim. I'm not sure if it is high/low or a damage gradient. For instance my estimated max damages are around: sniper:27, rifle with fmj:27, assault rifle:15, pistol:13, shotgun:35 (at melee range). Also remember that each gun has perks/weaknesses even within the same category (sniper/rifle/pistol/...) I've never gotten an armor blueprint, but armor is rarely dropped from zombies (that may have changed to not at all). I have some, but rarely bother with it. A bite is a bite, and it deteriorates. It disappears when it is used up. Weapon damages seems to be based on aim and number of zombies hit. Worse aim or multiple zombies deals less damage.
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    Hey Waru, so you originally joined for Kingdoms and Prison? seems like you just encountered and fell in love with AcidIslands lol