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  1. doitliketyler

    [Prison] Add Lucky block info the /help

    Hmm...what about just adding a description on the shop item?
  2. doitliketyler

    Pathfinder & Kingdoms Merge

    Due to lack of time to maintain greylisting and other Pathfinder features, we will be merging Pathfinder content into Kingdoms. This ultimately means no more personas but a substantial Race + Class setup will go into Kingdoms and will make for a better PVP/RPG environment all around. In Pathfinders old spot we will be adding a vanilla-ish (for now) PVE survival world in anticipation for the new 1.13 update. Survival and Kingdoms will both be whitelisted in the meantime during this transition. Your continued support and patience as always are appreciated. I will update this post as soon as the merge has been completed. Cheers.
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    Hey. Yeah, this is a typo. We have an issue tracker for stuff like this. Could you please report this here: http://lacunamc.com/issue-tracker/
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    Hey Everyone :)

    Both PS3 and PS4. Also, people still #RageQuit no matter what. I see it happen on the server all the time.
  5. doitliketyler

    Hey Everyone :)

    Hey KRYZT. I came from Playstations vanilla Minecraft version and my favorite thing was finding water-based maps with small islands to sort of force a hardcore environment so when it came to choosing AcidIsland or Skyblock it was a no-brainer for me. Anyway, welcome to Lacuna. We are happy to have you.
  6. doitliketyler

    WaruAkuma's Introduction

    Welcome, WaruAkuma. We are happy to have you here. Cheers.
  7. doitliketyler


    Welcome. Glad you enjoy the server.
  8. doitliketyler


    Some stuff about Enchants.
  9. doitliketyler


    Some stuff about Dungeons.
  10. doitliketyler


    Quirks allow players to create builds that enhance their playing style. Each build comes with 20 points that can be spent and up to 10 quirk slots that can be filled. There are positive and negative quirks that give and take points repeatedly until all the points are spent or all the slots are filled up. There is countless combinations that could be made which can lead to some truly unique builds. If you would like to view or share builds yourself consider checking out the Quirks forum. Commands: /quirk list: List all quirks /quirk view [quirk]: View quirk info /quirk add [quirk]: Add quirk /quirk rid [quirk|all]: Remove quirk /quirk scan [player]: Scan player /quirk build [#]: Change build Quirks: Below is a list of categories followed by specific quirks pertaining to those categories. Ability - Activates a certain skill based on item usage. Quirk Attack - Grants any number of buffs while attacking. Quirk Biome - Grants or takes health based on biome location. Quirk Defense - Grants any number of buffs during defensive measures. Quirk Effects - Grants a permanent positive or negative effect. Quirk Food - Grants a perk or loss based around eating certain foods. Quirk Luck - Grants a chance to return items based on certain actions. Quirk Mobs - Prevents specific mobs from targeting you all together. Quirk
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    Some stuff about Kingdoms.
  12. doitliketyler

    New Website Content

    I've been meaning to work on the website for awhile now and today I dedicated my entire day doing just that. All of this is just the beginning and as we move forward the more robust these features will become. Here are a list of new things for you all to check out: Wiki After a little bit of tweaking I've made a pretty solid internal wiki for us. No more external wiki sites, those are just ugly. Now the content is still a work in progress but we are finally getting somewhere. Enjoy. Issue Tracker There is now a legitimate issue tracker. Now when you go to report a bug you don't have to bother with copying and pasting the old "Bug Report Template". You just "Add a Ticket" and fill out the form fields. Easy peasy. Applications The applications got a similar overhaul as the issue tracker. Instead of using the old "Application Template" like before you fill out yet another simple form. Clubs My favorite addition is the clubs. Now, this wasn't necessarily a new thing but I decided to really start using them. Clubs are a great way for you all to form your own private or public groups and discuss whatever you want in them. I made a handful of team-related ones but you all are free to make whatever you, get creative with them.
  13. doitliketyler


    Voting on Lacuna comes with some great benefits. Not only does it help us reach a bigger crowd it helps you unlock fun features and earn points to use in our Vote Shop. For each vote, your earn a point and for each milestone your reach you unlock a cosmetics on the Lobby server. Here are milestone rewards: 1 - Access to home commands 5 - Access to TPA commands 25 - Access to Moods 50 - Access to Particles 100 - Access to Gadgets 150 - Access to Suits 250 - Access to Minions 400 - Access to Morphs 600 - Access to Unique Pets 800 - Access to Dj Station
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    Forum Server Discord
  15. doitliketyler


    In AcidIsland you and your pet pig have found yourself marooned on an island in the middle of a sea of acid. The goal is to use the few resources you find in the chest to expand and upgrade your island. To get started using the /is command and you can begin going through the challenges found with the /ch command. Good luck! Greenhouses Greenhouses enable players to build biomes with the weather control, friendly mob spawns, unique plant growth, and block conversion/erosion. All greenhouses are made of glass and must contain the blocks found in the biome recipe. You can view detailed instructions and view each type of biome recipe by using the /gh command. Fishing Fishing is a fun and profitable way to make money and win prizes. When you fish you can catch up to 4 different rarities of fish that include Common, Rare, Exotic, and Mythic. Each fish is also worth money so you can sell them to the Fishmonger at spawn. If you are competitive there is also a fishing contest every 4 hours to see who catches the most fish. The top ten players all get a unique prize just for participating. Duels You can find a PvP arena at spawn if you want to test your skills against another player. You use the /duel command from anywhere to send, accept, or deny a duel request. When a duel starts you get a predetermined kit and be teleport to the arena at spawn. Economy Earning money on AcidIsland is easy. To start there are 3 arenas at spawn that let you mine, farm or kill for resources that you can sell at the Sell All chests. The starter kit also comes with an “Acid Wand” that lets you right click any chests you have with items to automatically sell them. Trading To trade with other players safely and efficiently you should use the trading feature. With it you can trade items, money, experience, and even MyPets if you have the permission. You can get started by using /trade to view all the available commands.