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  1. KRYZT


    oh cool, i wasnt aware you had an issue tracker, ill post my findings there
  2. KRYZT


    Not sure where to put this, I hope I'm in the right forums category: Shows that you can spend the vote points at /vote shop. /vote shop doesnt exist, it says its not a valid command. I have a feeling you meant to put /shop ? It's minor but though u should know
  3. KRYZT

    Hey Everyone :)

    Lol Acid Island is my thing. This would be like the 10th time starting on a new server, i get bored to start all over again but i still enjoy it. In every server its the same routine: join, die in water, #quit. Or work on island for few hours, accidentally fall on water with full inv. #RageQuit. I think its the beauty of this game. One mess up and it can really set you back. One of my previous MC display names was even KRYofAcidIsland. Too bad those server either closed AI or they themselves aren't around anymore. I'm betting my time here won't be a waste. I see a strong future for this server
  4. KRYZT

    Hey Everyone :)

    Acid Island is one of those RageQuit games... never gets old ahh nice, I never got MC for either system, I only own like 3 or 4 PS3s lol.
  5. KRYZT

    Hey Everyone :)

    That's awesome, PS3 or PS4? Yes one thing I always remembered was when people would die and #RageQuit good memories. Thanks for the welcome
  6. KRYZT

    WaruAkuma's Introduction

    Hey Waru, so you originally joined for Kingdoms and Prison? seems like you just encountered and fell in love with AcidIslands lol
  7. KRYZT

    Hey Everyone :)

    I'm KRYZT. I left the MC community around the 1.9 era, just as 1.10 was coming out, after playing since 1.6, and got back into RuneScape (playing a RS2 Private Server). Anyways, recently, Looking and talking on the discord of the past MC community I was part of which kinda fell apart, I was searching online for a server that had Acid Islands. I miraculously crashed upon this server and I have to admit, I love the resource pack that goes with acid island and the environment, its perfect! I think I found my new MC server, loving it so far!