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Server Roadmap

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So now that most of the bigger updates are out of the way its time for us to start making minor improvements when we have the time. I know I've personally been on the server a-lot since launch but that's not going to continue because I will be back to full-time work soon and may only be able to pop in for short periods of time during the week. I will keep with the Sunday maintenance schedule so you can expect that any bugs reported throughout the week will most luckily be tended to on Sundays only. All of that being said here is what we have planned for future:



We have an outside wiki we will be working on overtime to replace the Wiki forum.



Stable with no immediate plans.



Stable with no immediate plans. We notice there isn't much traffic here so let us know what you think in the Suggestions forum.



More economy monitoring/balancing and quests will be added over time.



Bug fixing until we have a completely stable system. Afterward we will refine some of the existing features.



We have a writer onboard who will be working on lore and we will add their contributions as they come. 



Stable with no immediate plans.



Finish adding quests and extend the cell blocks.



Stable with no immediate plans.



Stable with no immediate plans.


Now there are no dates set for any of this stuff to be completed. Things will happen when they happen. If there are any major plans that arise we will let you all know. Thanks for your patience thus far and we are looking forward to whats to come. Cheers.

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