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    In AcidIsland you and your pet pig have found yourself marooned on an island in the middle of a sea of acid. The goal is to use the few resources you find in the chest to expand and upgrade your island. To get started using the /is command and you can begin going through the challenges found with the /ch command. Good luck!


    Greenhouses enable players to build biomes with the weather control, friendly mob spawns, unique plant growth, and block conversion/erosion. All greenhouses are made of glass and must contain the blocks found in the biome recipe. You can view detailed instructions and view each type of biome recipe by using the /gh command.

    Fishing is a fun and profitable way to make money and win prizes. When you fish you can catch up to 4 different rarities of fish that include Common, Rare, Exotic, and Mythic. Each fish is also worth money so you can sell them to the Fishmonger at spawn. If you are competitive there is also a fishing contest every 4 hours to see who catches the most fish. The top ten players all get a unique prize just for participating.

    You can find a PvP arena at spawn if you want to test your skills against another player. You use the /duel command from anywhere to send, accept, or deny a duel request. When a duel starts you get a predetermined kit and be teleport to the arena at spawn.

    Earning money on AcidIsland is easy. To start there are 3 arenas at spawn that let you mine, farm or kill for resources that you can sell at the Sell All chests. The starter kit also comes with an “Acid Wand” that lets you right click any chests you have with items to automatically sell them.

    To trade with other players safely and efficiently you should use the trading feature. With it you can trade items, money, experience, and even MyPets if you have the permission. You can get started by using /trade to view all the available commands.

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