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    A good team member contributes to the growth of the community. They look for ways to pitch in and stay consistently active on the server, forums, and Discord when necessary. Some expectations of a team member would be:

    • Be kind and respectful to everyone.
    • Be actively active and not AFK active.
    • Be supportive of leadership


    Team Ranks
    Owner - Owns, manages, and creates network content.
    Admin - Manages and helps create network content.

    Leader - Manages the Mod and Helper teams.
    Mod - Moderates player chatting and activity.
    Helper - Helps and greets newcomers.

    Special Ranks

    • Streamer - Streams server content on Twitch or YouTube.
    • Builder - Builds any spawn or structure for the network.
    • Writer - Contributes to existing lore and written content.
    • Greylister - Approves player personas on Pathfinder.

    We take no pleasure in demoting team members but sometimes it's a necessary evil. It is more important to set and keep a certain expectation than to nurse someones wounded pride because they weren't performing well. Some common reasons for demotion would be:

    • Repeatedly being inactive or AFK active.
    • Being rude to players and team members.
    • Not following common sense guidelines.
    • Failing to manage their responsibilities.

    If you are demoted for being inactive you will get no notification. Why do you deserve a heads up when you didn't have the courtesy to give us one for your inactivity.


    If you have read everything there is to know about being a team member on Lacuna and are interested in applying to join the team then follow the instructions here.


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