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    Quirks allow players to create builds that enhance their playing style. Each build comes with 20 points that can be spent and up to 10 quirk slots that can be filled. There are positive and negative quirks that give and take points repeatedly until all the points are spent or all the slots are filled up. There is countless combinations that could be made which can lead to some truly unique builds.


    If you would like to view or share builds yourself consider checking out the Quirks forum.



    /quirk list: List all quirks

    /quirk view [quirk]: View quirk info

    /quirk add [quirk]: Add quirk

    /quirk rid [quirk|all]: Remove quirk

    /quirk scan [player]: Scan player

    /quirk build [#]: Change build



    Below is a list of categories followed by specific quirks pertaining to those categories.


    • Ability - Activates a certain skill based on item usage.
      • Quirk
    • Attack - Grants any number of buffs while attacking.
      • Quirk
    • Biome - Grants or takes health based on biome location.
      • Quirk
    • Defense - Grants any number of buffs during defensive measures.
      • Quirk
    • Effects - Grants a permanent positive or negative effect.
      • Quirk
    • Food - Grants a perk or loss based around eating certain foods.
      • Quirk
    • Luck - Grants a chance to return items based on certain actions.
      • Quirk
    • Mobs - Prevents specific mobs from targeting you all together.
      • Quirk


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