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    In Prison, the main goal is to be free again and you do that by ranking up. When you are not ranking up you can spend your time building in the plot world, fighting other players in the PVP arena or helping other players fight waves of monsters in the mob arena.


    There are 29 ranks in total. You earn you first rank, Unranked, just by joining and your last rank, Free, by traversing through ranks A-Z. To rank-up, you need to make money, kill mobs, and increase your play time. To view your rank use the /rankinfo command.

    If you make it to free rank and want to unlock some additional perks considering prestiging and starting all over. With each prestige you gain the following perks:

    1. Chat Prefix
    2. Plot Access
    3. Fly Zones
    4. Better crates
    5. Crate cooldown
    6. XP Multiplier
    7. SellAll multiplier
    8. Silktouch Spawner
    9. Special Shop


    Mining is the fastest way to make money and there are 27 regular mines in total. To gain access to each mine you must reach the rank pertaining to that mine. As you rank up to each mine the ore type and percentage rate increases in value.

    Description coming soon.

    If you earn enough money you can purchase an empty plot in the survival plot world with the /plot auto command. You can do almost anything with your plot like build a base and show off how rich are or set up some mob killing farms to earn experience and reach kill requirements.

    Tokens are a secondary form of currency that can be earned through mining or voting. You can use tokens to purchase items from the Black Market or to upgrade your gear with effects and enchantments. To vote for tokens just use the /vote command.

    With mcMMO you have 15 skills you are able to level up that will unlock special abilities and loot that help enhance your experience. The skills include Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Excavation, Fishing, Unarmed, Archery, Swords, Axes, Taming, Repair, Acrobatics, Alchemy, Salvage and Smelting. To learn more use /mcstats or the /<skillname> command.

    If you want to level up your mcMMO skills with a friend there is a party system built in. Within a party, you gain experience amongst everyone in that party whether they are in your Kingdom or not. You also get your own private party chat and can teleport to other party members. Use the /party command to learn more.

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