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    SkyGrid is a survival sky world made of random blocks. The goal is to claim an area to call home and not fall to your death a million times while completing a list of challenges. To get started use the /asg command. To see the list of challenges use the /asgc command. To create a public warp point to your base place a sign with [Welcome] on the first line.


    On your first join, you can automatically claim an area by placing your first chest. To claim more just use a golden shovel. You can earn more claim blocks just by increasing your play time. To learn more about claiming land you can read the “How To Claim Land” book by using the /cb command.

    With Slimefun you can trade in levels to unlock custom recipes to things like jetpacks and machines. If you don’t already have the Slimefun Guide then use the /sf guide command to view it. We recommend starting off by building an Enhanced Crafting Table found under the machines category.

    On your journey, you might come across exotic trees that yield fruit. These fruits can be eaten or even used to make different types of juices and smoothies. If you are unlucky and can’t find any then you can break talk grass for a chance to obtain the saplings for these trees and plant them.

    TinkerTools are special tools which gain exp from being used and ultimately can be leveled up in order to gain modifiers.

    • Gain tool experience just by using your tool.
    • Level up to gain random modifiers.
    • Add modifiers manually with a Tinker Table
    • Current tool types: Sword, Bow, Pickaxe, Axe, Spade


    If you don’t like spending time sorting your chests then try the sorter. This works by placing chests to register them and using the /deposit command to automatically transport all your loot to the appropriate chests. To learn more about sorting and its benefits just use the /sorter command.

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