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    Society is a player moderated experience where the is no set goal except to thrive in an environment where anyone can create/destroy societies and exile/free players for any reason they so choose. When you first start you will randomly spawn on the map. We recommend finding a society to join as soon as possible so /msg online players.


    Citadel allows you to reinforce blocks so that they are protected from being broken. If you reinforce a Jukebox or Noteblock it turns that block into a snitch that tracks events within a radius. You can also prevent crops from being harvested or doors and buttons from being used. The Citadel & commands are:

    A bastion block allows you to protect your land in many ways. It can prevent dispensers from dispensing, pistons from pushing into a field, teleportation inside a field by non-members. To create a bastion just place a target block, reinforce it, enter /bsb and then click the block to create a bastion block.

    Item exchange shops are crucial due to the lack of resources in any given biome. Chests, double chests, trapped chests, double trapped chests and dispensers can all be used as shops. To learn how to create and use a shop use the /ies command.

    FactoryMod enables you to create machines that consume and produce resources and enchantments. There are too many different types of machines and tech trees to go over so if you want to learn more user the /factorymod command.

    Exile Pearls
    ExilePearls allow the players to moderate the server themselves. If you kill another player with an ender pearl in your hotbar they become exiled and the pearl is transformed into an exile pearl. Exiled players have a set of restrictions that prevent them from doing certain things until they are freed. To learn more about ExilePearls use the /ep command.

    Bane Eggs
    If you kill a mob with a weapon enchanted with the Bane of Arthropods it adds a small chance to spawn an egg of the same type of mob that was killed. The drop rates are:

    There are a handful of default mechanics that have been altered. They are:

    • Bookshelves can store books inside them
    • Decreased growth rates of plants and animals
    • Biome specific increased rates of plants and animals
    • A chat range of up to 750 meters
    • Enderchests are completely disabled
    • Iron drops from Iron Golems have been disabled
    • Villager trading has been disabled
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