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    Terminus is a post-apocalyptic world run by scavenger gangs and zombie hordes. The main goal here is to survive by any means possible. Explore the world and you will find plenty of zombies to fight and supplies to keep you alive. When your first join read any books and journal entries you unlock as they will guide you to Terminus.


    There are 4 conditions you have to maintain or cure at all times. If you max out the level on any of these conditions or wait too long to cure them you will most likely die.

    • Thirst increases as you play and when you consume certain items. To decrease your thirst level drink water or bourbon or visit a Doctor.
    • Radiation increases as you consume items or spend time in radiation zones. To decrease your radiation level consume Ex-Rad or visit a Doctor. If you happen to be in a radiation zone without a hazmat suit then your radiation level increases and you get radiation poisoning.
    • Cholera is a disease you can contract by drinking dirty water. While you have cholera your hunger increases. To cure cholera take antibiotics.
    • Infection is a disease that you can catch by zombie bites. When you get infected it becomes hard to see and you have a short window of time to amputate the flesh around the bite. If you don’t amputate in time you will die.


    The Joint
    If you hurt other players or NPCs then an automatic bounty gets placed on you. If you get caught by a guard while you have a bounty they can put you in jail. Upon entering jail your items are confiscated and you can wait out your sentence or talk to Hannigan to pay your fine. If you escape jail without paying your fine your items are not returned and your bounty will continue to increase until it has been paid.

    There are a number of feats you can and will earn that unlock rewards that will aid you in your survival. There are 9 categories of feats and 5 feats in each category. To earn these feats just play the game as you normally would and they will unlock for you automatically. To see a list of current feats use the /feats command.

    All cooking is done through using Cauldrons. There are a number of meats and soups you can cook that all give you experience. To cook something just gather the raw ingredients, throw them in the cauldron and wait a few seconds for them to cook and they will appear. Here is a basic list of recipes:

    • Beet Soup - 4 Beets
    • Carrot Soup - 4 Carrots
    • Shroom Soup - 4 Mushrooms
    • Any Meat - 1 Raw Meat Item


    If you have a blueprint and the required materials you can visit any of the blue benches to craft that item. You can find blueprints in supply drops and crafting materials by looting chests found in any of the radiation zones. The crafting supplies include:

    • Tools - Tools needed for crafting.
    • Components - Parts needed for crafting.
    • Alloy - Metal used in weapons.
    • Polymer - Plastic used in weapons.
    • Resin - Adhesive used in armor.
    • Textile - Fabric used in armor.


    You can gain levels by looting chests and killing zombies and player. With each level, you gain you automatically increase your health and damage output which is crucial to your longevity. To see your current level stats use the /level command.

    Being in a gang is one of the best ways to ensure your survival and allows you to compete in any of the GvG arenas found throughout Terminus. Use the /g help command to view all the available gang commands that will help you join or create a gang of your own.

    Supply Drops
    Every so often a supply drop event will occur. The crates fall at random locations throughout Terminus so you will have to do some searching to find them. Upon opening a supply crate you will be rewarded with crafting materials, schematics, attachments or even a gun if you are lucky.

    If you want a space to call your own you can rent a room by the day at one of the hotels, Tenpenny Tower & The Malibu. Each room comes with at least 2 chests and a bed to sleep at night. If you don’t pay your rent you will lose all the belongings you left behind.

    There are a number of custom items that will help you survive on a daily basis. You should get familiar with all of these items as soon as possible and be sure to stay stocked. Some of the items include:

    • Antibiotics - Cures most diseases.
    • Aquatabs - Used to purify dirty water.
    • Bandage - Cures bleeding for you or others.
    • Ex-Rad - Reduces radiation poison levels.
    • Guts - Hide from nearby zombies.
    • Medpack - Regenerates health over time.
    • Painkillers - Increases pain resistance.
    • Poppet - A magic doll that prevents death.
    • Radio - Sends an alert for backup.
    • Splint - Cures any sprains from falling.
    • Stimpak - Injects a speed and health boost.
    • Torch - Lights up the surrounding area.
    • Tracker - Tracks specific locations.
    • Water - Decreases your thirst level.
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